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October 2013 - The Cost of NOT Using Proactive Monitoring

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The Cost of NOT Using Proactive Monitoring

You hear it said time and time again: Be proactive. In business, being proactive can help you disarm potential threats to the productivity and profitability of your company. At PC Tech we believe this is especially true in the area of technology used in your company.

One service we offer clients is a Proactive Monitoring program that allows us to monitor your server and devices for threats to your information technology system. Many clients have already transitioned to this platform and the reason is clear – worry free computing.

Consider for a moment the cost of not using a proactive monitoring system for your IT infrastructure. An unmonitored system will inevitably suffer downtime. What would it cost your company if you suffered a day of downtime? Two days? Three?

On average, downtime costs a company thousands of dollars each day, making a monthly proactive monitoring package well worthwhile.

Contact us at PC Tech today to discuss the benefits of a Proactive Monitoring package. You can reach us at 636-464-2400.


Transitioning to Proactive Monitoring

You see the benefits of utilizing a proactive monitoring approach for your business. But how does it work and how do you transition to a proactive approach?

PC Tech will implement the proactive monitoring program by connecting the computers and server for your business to our monitoring system. Our monitoring system has an active alert system to notify us of any issues in your IT network. It reveals the cause so we can diagnose and repair the problem quickly.

This also allows us to repair issues before they become critical and cause downtime. For example, we can detect if a hard drive is at risk of going bad, if critical programs are failing or if your system is running low on space for your files.

We focus our efforts on maintaining your IT infrastructure and making sure it runs smoothly. In addition, we have a detailed reporting system to help you reach your business goals and plan for your future IT needs.

Contact us at 636-464-2400.

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